All you need to know about shipping perfumes

The shipping of perfumes is one of the most troublesome issues with store owners since many domestic and international shipping solutions place several limits and requirements on shipping liquids and scents.

Therefore, it is crucial to comprehend the laws and guidelines Saudi customs or Saudi Post has established for shipping perfumes. Developing workable ways to assist perfume store owners in easily and swiftly reaching their target customers is crucial in a market worth more than $72 billion.

Here is a list of some crucial things you must know to ensure a seamless perfume shipping experience.

Use high-quality packaging materials

When exporting perfumes, working with an eCommerce shipping solution that uses high-quality packaging materials is critical.

Most perfumes are sold in glass bottles, which are easily broken during the last mile of delivery. As a result, you must employ multiple layers of protection when shipping perfume (such as cardboard that is part of the production process or cushioning that surrounds the bottle to keep the scent in place). 

Polycarbonate plastic bubbles should be utilized to ensure the package is wrapped tightly, protected from vibrations during shipping and to prevent product movement.

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The use of leak-proof boxes

Always remember that liquids should be shipped in special leak-proof shipping containers. Moreover, it’s crucial to discuss the shipment of shipping perfumes with the shipping company. This way, you will be well-informed about how to get the item from the warehouse to the customer’s door.

The closer the shipping box or container comes to exactly fitting the item you’re shipping, the better. Make sure there is enough room for dunnage to keep the products from moving.

To prevent the contents from spilling into the box, it is advisable to package the perfume in multiple bags. The edges of the bag should also be secured so it does not create empty space in the box, which could result in the perfume bottle breaking.

Provide the customer with the shipment tracking number

In terms of the value of the items and the shipping cost, perfumes are likely to be expensive shipments. That is why tracking perfume shipments are always advised to ensure they are delivered.

Provide a tracking number so the buyer may track the shipment’s progress as it makes its way to his door. Giving your customers access to order tracking information gives them regular delivery status updates and expected delivery dates. This reduces theft and the occurrence of orders being left unattended on a front doorstep for an extended period (sometimes in extreme temperatures).

Since creating a good shipping strategy for online stores is one of the key factors in determining the success of e-commerce, perfume shops strive to give customers a hassle-free buying experience.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, it is crucial to understand the shipping companies’ policies regarding the shipping of perfumes and to pay attention to even the slightest details, such as the different types of shipping based on the mode of shipping, price, and timeline.

Learn about country-specific rules for exporting perfume.

When you ship perfume overseas, you must first be familiar with all aspects of the shipping procedure specific to the nation you are delivering your cargo.

This straightforward measure will help prevent costly order delays and customer disappointments. Some country can even fine you for non-compliance if you do not follow the shipping regulations. Find out the conditions and rules for sending perfume to the destination country from the shipping company you are dealing with.

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