Torod and the National Center for Palms and Dates sign a cooperation agreement to promote the dates sector.

Torod has concluded a cooperation agreement with The National Center for Palms and Dates to provide integrated logistical solutions. This cooperation aims to improve the logistics services for the dates sector in Saudi Arabia and to expand the scope of comprehensive logistics services provided by the National Center for Palms and Dates through its electronic platforms. The platform collects approved date companies and sells its products to the end user at retail and wholesale prices through direct sales or online auctions.

The terms of the agreement included the cooperation of the two parties in developing an implementation plan that enables the National Center for Palms and Dates to utilize TamkeenA for a wide range of merchants and manufacturers. This will help them obtain the Saudi Dates mark and link them directly to international and local consumers.

 The volume of Saudi date exports for 2019 is more than 100,000 tons, with a value of 506 million Saudi riyals, and Saudi Arabia is the first in the world to export dates for the year 2021, with a value exceeding one billion riyals.

The National Center for Palms and Dates seeks to create an integrated agricultural, marketing and knowledge service system. It also wants to adopt modern technologies to achieve production efficiency and increase the consumption rate of Saudi dates locally and globally, as the total number of palm trees in the Kingdom exceeds more than 31 million palm trees.

The National Center for Palm and Dates by Royal Decree No. (42649) dated 09/29/1432 AH has been created to establish an advanced center that contributes to the development of the palm and date sector in Saudi Arabia. The establishment was also for the Kingdom to become a leading center for the development and sustainability of the palm and date sector and to become the first choice globally.

The partnership aims to provide a unique shipping platform (TOROD API).

Torod’s API empowers a wide range of traders and farmers in the Saudi date industry by offering an integrated shipping system in record time without needing connectivity, programming, and building orders related to shipping and delivery.

The National Center for Palm and Dates partnership with the Torod platform came with the first solution in the region that,

  • provides several comprehensive solutions for shipping for e-commerce using the latest technologies
  • enables the e-commerce sector to deal with shipping with ease to turn into a possible factor for the growth of e-commerce platforms 
  • enables the business to serve the most significant number of merchants to achieve the highest success rate in shipping orders and to manage all Efficient shipping and warehousing operations.

It provides a flexible technology parcel platform that includes the following:

  • Provide a simple API, and with a one-time connection, the platforms will connect with all shipping service providers in the region.
  • Standardize tracking terminology and provide a platform-specific tracking page supported by API technology.
  • Automate selecting and assigning shipments by product type, shipping company performance, coverage area, and added services.
  • Access to shipping and delivery companies that serve express and refrigerated shipping.
  • Obtaining a payment matching system that speeds up the collection process to reach collection in less than two days.
  • Obtaining detailed reports regarding shipping, returns, payments, and customers