What is the importance of free shipping on my online store?

Many online stores now offer free shipping on their stores, but how important is this feature?

 How does it affect your store sales? In fact, the word free has a magical effect on most online shoppers, as many make purchases after reading the word “free”.

The impact of free shipping on your online store sales

Every online store owner is looking for ways to increase his sales, but not all methods are highly effective. And providing a free shipping feature is one of the most effective ways to increase the sales volume of your online store. Because the majority of users are searching for stores that provide free shipping, providing this feature increases the conversion rate of your website and your advertising campaigns on Google significantly. This contributes to increasing the number of visits to your site and the sales volume of your online store. According to Statich Labs, as soon as the free shipping feature is added, sales in online stores grow by 10%.

Whatever the quality of the products you provide on your site, with a high or low average cost, the free shipping feature will be a great incentive for the customer to buy the additional product. This will also increase the average cart size.

Or provide free shipping with a minimum value, which makes the customer have to add additional products to the basket and thus increase the average size of the basket.

Define free shipping policies.

There are many different forms of free shipping, and to determine the appropriate shipping policy for your store, you must know the most popular forms:

Unconditional shipping:

One of the most popular and effective forms of free shipping is unconditional shipping, and reading a sentence (all products are shipped for free) makes online shoppers spend more time browsing your online store.

Conditional shipping:

Suppose unconditional shipping does not suit you, or you may be unable to add it for financial reasons. In that case, there are forms of free shipping that are also very effective and are subject to certain conditions, such as free shipping with a minimum value, which makes shoppers add more products to get free shipping.

Or the shipping method for distinguished customers so that free shipping is available after the customer’s fifth order on your online store, which increases customer loyalty to your brand.

Or providing free shipping on the first customer order, which increases the likelihood of obtaining new customers.

Or you can also select specific products that qualify for free shipping and have a low shipping cost.

Or the availability of two options for shipping, one of which is the express shipping service for a fee. The other is free but at the usual speed, but this solution may require effort and cost to search for different shipping companies and contract with them. You may not reach suitable prices, but some platforms allow you the advantage of linking with companies that Charge different items with one click, allowing you to offer this feature at a lower cost, with less effort and better results.

Study competitors

Before offering free shipping in your store, you must study your competitors well. Here are some important questions before studying competitors. Do they offer free shipping? Do they offer free shipping on all products? What are the free shipping policies that they offer?

Your answer to these questions may lead you to the most appropriate shipping option and let you know the advantages you can offer to outperform your competitors and obtain a larger market share.

Physical capacity

Providing the free shipping feature on your store may cost you a lot of money and reduce your product profit margin. But what are the best solutions to provide this feature in your store and maintain the product profit margins?

 One solution, for example, is to integrate the shipping cost into the price of the product, enabling you to provide free shipping and maintain profit margins. Still, it is not an effective method for everyone. 

The best way is to search and communicate with the largest number of shipping companies and negotiate with them on suitable prices. However, the disadvantages of this solution are that it takes a lot of time and effort.

Find the right shipping partner.

The most important step in providing the free shipping feature on your store is to find several shipping companies suitable for your store, which provides fast shipping and an appropriate price. And obtaining these companies requires a lengthy and complex search process.

The shipping company that provides you with fast shipping may not provide you with A suitable price, so you have to search for another company that provides you with a suitable price, but it may not provide you with other advantages such as express shipping, international shipping, or refrigerated shipping. Searching for shipping companies and contracting with them takes a long time and a lot of effort.

Suitable technical solution

But with the development of logistical technologies, a solution appeared that enables you to provide free shipping service in all its forms. Where you can contract with more than one shipping company with different features through one platform and manage all your shipments through it. Moreover, you may enjoy competitive prices without the need for evaluation, negotiation and contracting. 

With several shipping companies, and also enables you to move from one company to another smoothly if you are not satisfied with the shipping services of a particular company. All of this is provided to you by Torod, which enables you to provide free shipping in all its conditional and unconditional forms and increase your sales percentage.