How to compare and choose the best shipping company؟

Day after day, the number of online shoppers increases, and this is accompanied by a lot of expectations and multiple desires, most of which revolve around the best way to deliver the product from the store to the end customer. This requires a complete knowledge of the best shipping methods by the store owner. And it is necessary to know the multiple options that provide shipping for e-stores—a difficult journey that the store owner must go through from comparing the levels of service related to shipping and prices and shipping time and coverage areas and other value-added services. Or should the store owner use an integrated system to manage shipments to facilitate this process?

How do I choose the right shipping company for my online store?

Before choosing the right shipping company, many questions must be answered, and they are usually in two parts. The first part relates to the nature of the product, and the second part relates to the shipping company.

Questions related to the product:

– What is the size and weight of the product?

– What is the value of the product?

– How fragile is the product?

– How often do you ship products?

– Where do you ship products (locally or internationally)?

– How fast do you need to ship products?

Questions related to the shipping company:

– What are their rates and fees?

– What are their delivery times and guarantees?

– What are their tracking and insurance options?

– What are their customer service and support channels?

– What are their reviews and ratings from other merchants and customers?

– What are their policies and terms of service?

Answering all these questions takes a lot of time and effort to reach a result that suits the merchant’s aspirations. And then moves on to negotiating with shipping companies and comparing them. And in case the merchant sells more than one type of product that requires different shipping methods, he will have to contract with more than one shipping company. And after contracting comes the stage of technical linking and programming for linking to the store page. This process may involve multiple errors, whether in choosing the right shipping company or following up on the agreed level of service and measuring customer satisfaction and evaluating performance. This confirms the need for an advanced program to manage the entire shipping process. And all questions related to the product and shipping company must be answered so that The merchant gets the best result in the shortest time.

How does a shipment management program work?

A shipment management program enables the merchant to manage all operations related to shipping his products from one place where he can deal with several shipping companies and get the appropriate service from each company at the same time without having to evaluate, negotiate, contract or technical linking. As soon as you register in the program and link your store, you will be able to see all your store orders, and you will be able to manage the shipping process efficiently through a smart engine that enables you to compare prices, shipping time, service levels, track shipments, send tracking updates to customers, manage returns, and all that automatically. And from one screen.

The benefit of a shipment management program for my online store?

– Save time and effort searching for the best shipping company that suits my store’s products.

– Easy transition from one shipping company to another in case of dissatisfaction with the level of service provided.

– Compare service levels, shipping prices, and shipping time.

– Identify value-added services available such as insurance on shipments and request recipient signature.

– Track shipments status and communicate with customers and activate notifications through several channels such as (email, text messages, WhatsApp).

The best program for managing shipments for e-stores

The best program for managing shipments for e-stores and dealing with services related to shipping from shipping companies and other value-added services must provide the following features:

– Easy linking with e-commerce platforms.

– Fetch orders instantly from your store for easy review and handling.

– The ability to track shipments and identify all updates in an understandable language and in a simple way that enables your store customers to know the status of their shipment without having to visit the shipping company’s page.

– The ability to inquire about shipment status using mobile number only without having to remember tracking number or shipment policy number consisting of 14 digits usually or more.

– The ability to automate all shipping operations from comparison, selection, printing policies quickly and easily.

Torod provides all that as the first solution for managing e-store shipments to enable merchants to deal with multiple shipping companies professionally and provide many value-added services that help e-store owners grow their business and focus on developing and marketing their product without worrying about managing The shipping process.