PayTabs and Torod announce a new strategic partnership focusing on providing logistics for the Paymes social e-commerce platform.

As one of the early starters in the fintech industry, PayTabs Digital Payments Solutions soon became the region’s largest online payment gateway. And now they are announcing the launching of a strategic partnership with Torod, a true leader in shipping services. In this partnership, Torod will play the role of the logistics partner, providing shipping management in the Middle East and multiple shipping options to Paymes customers.

Located in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the Republic of Egypt, PayTabs provides digital payment processing through its state-of-the-art digital electronic payment systems. This enables companies to manage their business with secure, Omni-channel payment solutions built to help them seamlessly sell products and services worldwide.  This is done by offering companies and individuals comprehensive payment solutions,

  • Through the internet, 
  • Billing through social networks,
  • And provide a payment page on websites.

The popularity of social commerce in the modern era

Social commerce is the practice of conducting business entirely within social networks. By sharing ratings and evaluations about the given services and goods, it offers a safe and convenient shopping experience, improves brand awareness, and boosts customer confidence. By 2028, global social trade will be expected to exceed $3,369.8 billion. 

The GCC region, for instance, has a considerable increase in social media users, with Saudi Arabia recording more than 29 million active users and the UAE recording more than 9 million active users.

With this popularity in mind, Paymes (a PayTabs company) was made. Paymes is one of the leading e-commerce platforms providing digital payment through social networks or so-called social commerce. Being the most popular payment method of social media, users can get paid within 20 seconds with a simple QR code scan.

The agreement between PayTabs and Torod introduces a feature (TOROD API) that enables eCommerce platforms to build an integrated shipping system in record time. Additionally, this was made possible without requiring linkages, programming, shipping, and delivery order building. 

Torod platform also enables the e-commerce platforms to manage shipping operations, track performance, and complete all financial reconciliation through smart financial solutions. This, as a result, contributes to providing premium customer experience and turns potential customers into loyal clients.

For the first time in the region, PayTabs has launched a social commerce solution where merchants can sell and ship their products within minutes without having to go through the tedious and time-consuming process of online store setup. All of this is now possible thanks to the TOROD API’s features, which integrate every shipping option as a native service into the Paymes platform.

Paymes merchants won’t need to be shipping experts in order to fulfill customer expectations for ease, speed, and affordability.

This enables the e-commerce sector to handle shipping easily and turn it into a possible growth factor.  With PayTabs in place,Paymes can now serve as many merchants as possible, reach the highest success rate of shipping and manage all shipping and storage efficiently. 

Torod shipping technologies for the e-commerce platforms includes:

  • A simplified API for convenience and an easy one-time interconnection that will connect the platform with all charging service providers in the region.
  • Standardizing tracking terms and provisioning a platform-specific tracking page supported by API technology.
  • Easy building of order automation process for the selecting of shipment attribution process by product type, shipping company performance, coverage area, and added services.
  • Access to shipping and delivery companies serving fast and chilled shipping.
  • COD reconciliation solution, accelerating the collection process to reach the collection in less than two days.
  • Detailed reports regarding shipping, rewards, payments, and customers.