The Torod platform and Delnee Center sign an agreement to serve 8 thousand merchants.

Torod’s platform announced a strategic partnership with Delnee Business Center to provide logistical solutions to more than 8,000 merchants in the center. The partnership aims to help them digitize their commercial projects and grow their businesses through the services of the logistics platform.

Torod platform offers Super efficient logistics services to empower entrepreneurs. It also provides a significant competitive advantage for small and medium enterprises in Delnee Business Center by accelerating their access to markets, reducing costs and risks, increasing inventory turnover efficiency and enhancing productivity.

This strategic partnership provides an opportunity to activate smart logistics solutions for thousands of small projects in the Delnee Business Center, enabling them to offer multiple shipping options.

It is noteworthy that the Delnee Business Center was established in Riyadh in the first quarter of 2016 AD. It was done to achieve the vision of the Social Development Bank; and to provide a package of non-financial services to the owners of small enterprises, which vary between training, consulting, and guidance.

The center aims to increase the ability of small and medium enterprises’ ability to generate jobs and help the owners of these enterprises increase their profits. It also aspires, at the same time, to provide an integrated package of non-financial support services for projects that face challenges. This is achieved through scientific and practical experiences and global partnerships with organizations that support small enterprises.