Torod participates in the e-commerce experts program.

The company’s efforts to improve e-commerce solutions and raise levels of efficiency in logistics services in Saudi Arabia are never on halt. Torod recently participated in the dialogue sessions of the e-commerce experts program as an approved logistics partner at the Entrepreneurship Center in Riyadh and under the auspices and supervision Ministry of Communications and Information Technology code.

The discussion sessions touched on e-commerce, the customer experience, facilities and supply chain management skills for small and medium enterprises, and ways to build business models. The session aimed to educate the community and find innovative solutions for entrepreneurial projects.

Torod reviewed its experience in providing logistical solutions to online stores and its contribution to facilitating shipping their products to customers through smart technologies in managing the shipping process. It starts from the product leaving the warehouse until it reaches the customer’s door.

At the end of the sessions, the speakers agreed on the importance of establishing a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and its contribution to advancing development in the Kingdom, developing ideas and embodying them on the ground. With its Vision 2030, the Kingdom is proud of a vibrant society, a thriving economy, and an ambitious homeland.