Torod Platform

We are the link between you and your customer.

 Enjoy the best prices from the best local and international shipping companies and everything you need to move your project to the place it deserves. With a few simple steps, you can link your store with shipping companies in 3 minutes, which translates to opening new horizons that take your brand to a world of endless opportunities.

What do we offer?

API technology

We provide you with a simple API and with a one-time connection. Torod will connect with all shipping service providers in the region

Full automation

Build process automation orders with a selection of outsourcing shipments by product type, shipping carrier performance, coverage area and added services.

Payment matching

Obtain a payment matching system upon receipt, which speeds up the collection process to reach collection in less than two days.

Detailed reports

Obtain detailed reports regarding shipping, returns, payments and customers.

We are always happy to help you!

Don’t hesitate to contact the parcel team if you have questions or concerns.